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01/26/2010 - Tennis Navigator 1.8 released

We are happy to announce the release of Tennis Navigator 1.8 (both ATP and WTA Editions), a unique tool to represent the detailed information about tennis tournaments, matches, and players.

The Main Features

  • The Ranking window was adjusted for right displaying of Players' Ranking because of the last changes in ATP and WTA Ranking system.


  • We did ranking live. It means now you can see players' ranking in real-time.
    Every week, the day after monday we turn Ranking into Live Ranking. Live Ranking doesn't count the events about be dropped next week but counts the events of the current week. How it works?
    Let see at Andy Murray's Ranking. On Monday 18.01.2010 he had 6780 and was 4th. Since next day Live Ranking doesn't count Australian Open 2009 but counts Australian Open 2010. Live Ranking on 28.01.2010 looks that:


    In Live Ranking, Andy's 180 points (4th Round AO 2009) was dropped but 1200 points for reaching the final AO 2010 was added.
    And, in live ranking, Murray takes the 3rd place.
  • The information about players' retirements and withdraws and lucky losers is added to the Tournament Profile Window.


  • The new menu item 'Birthdays' of 'Player' menu tells you who of the players has his birthday today.


  • The summary information about players' activity by years (Year, won/lost matches, prize money and titles) is added to the Player Profile window.
    Runner-up number is added to the Player's Common Info.


  • The tournament category logo (World Tour 250, 500 and Masters) is now displayed in the Tournament Profile (for ATP Edition only).


NB. All the registered users must update to the new release because it contains incompatible database changes.

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