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06/17/2010 Tennis Navigator 1.9 released
Introduces the unique feature - the daily updated change of players' rank points, a lot of interface improvements, and more.

04/08/2010 Tennis Navigator 1.8.2 released
Now you can get the matches summaries of the all ATP World Tour Events.

02/04/2010 Tennis Navigator 1.8.1 released
Now you can see the week change of players' positions in the ATP/WTA Ranking.

01/26/2010 Tennis Navigator 1.8 released
The ATP/WTA ranking are now displayed according to the last changes in the ATP and WTA Ranking systems. A lot of other interface improvements are added.

11/25/2009 Tennis Navigator WTA Edition 1.7 released
Support for the WTA's new round-robin format of tournament of Champions is implemented.

02/14/2008 ATP Tennis Navigator Review
ATP Tennis Navigator was reviewed by staff.

01/19/2007 Tennis Navigator ATP Edition 1.7 released
Support for the ATP's new round-robin hybrid format tournaments is implemented.

03/22/2006 Tennis Navigator ATP Edition 1.6 released
Support of Challenger tournaments is added along with all the Challengers matches info since the season beginning.

02/04/2005 Tennis Navigator WTA Edition released!
We're pleased to announce our new software product for women tennis!

01/05/2005 Happy New Season!
Our congratulations to all the tennis fans with the start of a new tennis season.

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