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Statistics Tab
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The Statistics tab of the Tournament Profile displays statistics of the selected tournament.

Tournament Profile Statistics Window

The statistics for participation of different countries in the tournament is available for all types of tournaments. It is located on the Countries by Rounds tab. The statistics is displayed as a table containing numbers of players from different countries for each round of the tournament. The chart that displays a share of each country in the total number of players is located at the bottom of the window. To select the round to view, click any cell in the corresponding column of the table. The chart will be displayed for the selected round.

Tournament Profile Countries by Round Window

For customizing the appearance of the chart you can use options on the Chart tab of the navigation panel. You can use the following options:

By the Chart tab the chart appearance can be customized using the following options:


By enabling or disabling this option you can make the chart three-dimensional or flat.

Show Marks

This option shows/hides marks near the chart series.

Color Each

This option colors each element of the chart.

This option allows you to select the default color that is used to display the chart elements if the Color Each option is disabled.

For Grand Slam tournaments the advanced statistics is available. It is located on the Match Statistics tab. The statistics is displayed as a table containing values of the selected parameter for each player. The parameter can be chosen from the Stats Type drop-down list on the Statistics tab of the navigation panel. You can order rows in the table by value in any column.

Any statistics can be saved as an Excel document by clicking the Export Statistics to Excel link on the Tools tab of the navigation panel.

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