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Draw Tab
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The Draw tab of the Tournament Profile window allows you to view the draw of the selected tournament.

Tournament Profile Draw Window

The draw is displayed as a table with rounds as columns. The first column displays seed numbers and wild cards. By clicking the player name you can open the player's profile and view detailed information about the player. By clicking the score you can compare players among each other in the Head to Head window.

For year-end championships with groups the draw is displayed as follows:

Tournament Profile Year-End Draw Window

The navigation panel consists of two tabs - Draw and Tools.


Links on this tab allows you to customize appearance of the draw.

Highlight Player

Use this drop-down list to highlight players in the draw. It is useful to observe the player's path in the draw.

Begin Draw From
This drop-down list allows you to display the draw beginning from the round you need. By default the draw is displayed beginning from the first round. If you want to view the draw beginning from the latest completed round, check the Begin draw from the latest completed round option at the Tournaments tab of the Preferences window.


Use links on this tab to export the tournament draw to different file formats.

Export Draw to HTML

Use this link to save the tournament draw as HTML page.

Export Draw to PDF
Use this link to save the tournament draw as PDF document. You can use this document to print the draw or to email.

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