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Winners by Countries Tab
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At the Winners by Countries bookmark winners of tournaments are grouped by countries. Thus it's possible to find answers to many interesting questions, "Players of what country won most of all tournaments on the clay surface in 2000 year?", "Players of what country won most of all tournaments of the Grand Slam from 1990 to 2000 years?". The diagram at the bottom of the bookmark gives a vivid presentation of wins in tournaments by representatives from different countries. It's possible to adjust the external form of the diagram by the Chart bookmark at the Navigation Panel.

Tournaments by Countries Window

Sorting Data  

To sort data in the table by values in a column, click the column header. The arrow displaying the sorting order appears in the column header. If there is no ability to set the sorting order in the column, the arrow does not appear. By the second click you can reverse the sorting order.

Filtering Data  

You can filter data in the table as you need. If the data in the column can filtered, the button with an arrow appears in the column header.

To filter data in the column, click the button in the column header. The emergent drop-down list displays all unique values in the column. There are two additional items in the drop-down list - (All) and (Custom...)

To set a quick filter by a value, select this value from the list. If you want to set a compound filter, select the (Custom...) item and setup your filter in the appeared dialog window. This window allows you set any filter you want.

When you set the filter by one of the described ways, the arrow on the button changes its color and the filter panel appears at the bottom of the table. This panel displays conditions of the filter, and allows you to disable, delete, or customize the filter.

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