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Navigation Panel
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The navigation panel of the Team to Team window allows you to create and edit teams, filter data, and export data as Excel documents.

The navigation panel contains five tabs - Team to be managed, Team Management, Filter, Quick Links, and Tools.

Team to be managed  

This tab contains the drop-down list of teams. It allows you to select a team to manage.

Team Management  

This tab contains links allowing you to create and edit teams, save and load teams from file, and access the Head to Head window where you can compare two players among each other.

Run Wizard

Opens the Team to Team Wizard that gives you an ability to quickly create two teams.

Add Players

Opens the Select Players window allowing you to select players to add them to the team.

Remove Players

Opens the dialog window where you can select players to delete them from the team.

Rename Team

Allows you to rename the team.

Save to File

Saves the team to a file for future use.

Load From File

Loads the previously saved team from file.

Player1 vs. Player2
Opens the Head to Head window where you can compare two players among each other.


The Filter tab allows you to filter matches to consider by year, tournament, series, etc.


Filters data by year.


Filters data by tournament.


Filters data by tournament series.


Filters data by surface.


Filters data by country.

Filters data by round.

Quick Links  
Links on this tab allows you to quickly apply the most frequently used filters for matches

Grand Slam Results

Filters matches of Grand Slam series only.

Tennis Masters Series / Tier I Results

Filters matches of Tennis Masters Series / Tier I only.

International Series Gold / Tier II Results

Filters International Series Gold / Tier II matches only.

This Year Results
Filters matches played in this year only.


The tools tab contains the Export to Excel link allowing you to export the result table and the statistics table as an Excel document.

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