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This page is intended to customize the Player Profile and Select Players windows.

Preferences Players Window

Player Profile Options  

Max number of matches in the single mode

This option specifies highest possible number of matches displayed in the Single Mode (the Player Profile and Find Matches windows). If number of matches is greater than this value, they are displayed in the Table Mode.

Group matches when the "All Matches" item selected
If on, when selecting the All Matches tab in the Player Profile window, matches are grouped by the current mode (tournament, surface, player, etc).

Select Player(s) Options  

Show Players

This option specifies the players to be displayed in the grid of the Select Player window by default.

Find Player by

This option allows you to choose the part of player name (first name, last name or both) to be used in the search.

Group Players by

Here you can determine the way the players will be grouped in the Select Player window.

Show ATP / WTA Race Points

If on, the ATP / WTA Race points are displayed in the grid by default.

Show ATP / WTA Entry Ranking Points
If on, the ATP / WTA Entry Ranking points are displayed in the grid by default.

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