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Tournaments Tab
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The Tournaments page displays the information about tournaments the player participated in. The page consists of two parts: Main area and Navigation panel.

   Main area

Player Profile Tournaments Window

The main area of the page consists of two parts: Tournaments table and Statistics panel.

Tournaments Grid  
The Tournaments Grid comprises data of all the tournaments the player took part. The content for each tournament is:

the day of the tournament begin;  
the year carrying out (tournaments that begin at the end of the calendar year are related to the next year);  
type of surface (hard, grass, carpet, clay);  
country-organizer of the tournament;  
type of tournament (Grand Slam, Tennis Masters Series / Tier I, International Series, etc);  
round in which the player ended his appearance on this tournament (current round if the player still take part in this one);  
player whom the player lost to on this tournament (empty if the player claimed the title, <In progress> if the player still take part in this one);  
winner of the tournament;  
seed number (empty if the player was not seeded in the tournament);  
acceptance (empty string is correspond to the Direct Acceptance);  
ATP / WTA Race points earned by the player on this tournament;  
ATP / WTA Entry Ranking points earned by the player on this tournament;  
prize money he has got in the tournament.  
Filtering Data  

You can filter data in the table as you need. If the data in the column can filtered, the button with an arrow appears in the column header.

To filter data in the column, click the button in the column header. The emergent drop-down list displays all unique values in the column. There are two additional items in the drop-down list - (All) and (Custom...)

To set a quick filter by a value, select this value from the list. If you want to set a compound filter, select the (Custom...) item and setup your filter in the appeared dialog window. This window allows you set any filter you want.

When you set the filter by one of the described ways, the arrow on the button changes its color and the filter panel appears at the bottom of the table. This panel displays conditions of the filter, and allows you to disable, delete, or customize the filter.

Sorting Data  

To sort data in the table by values in a column, click the column header. The arrow displaying the sorting order appears in the column header. If there is no ability to set the sorting order in the column, the arrow does not appear. By the second click you can reverse the sorting order.

   Statistics panel

The Statistics panel contains summary information about the tournaments from Tournaments Grid. All the information is presented according to filters applied to tournaments list.


Number of the tournaments essential to the current filter.

Best Results

Here you will find the best player's result in the tournaments and reoccurrence of this result.

In Tournaments

The list of the best tournaments for the player. Each tournament in the list is a link to the corresponding profile.

Matches Won/Lost

Number of won and lost matches in these tournaments.

Prize Money
Prize money he has got in these tournaments.

You may hide the Statistics panel by the left-clicking on the splitter that differs the Tournaments Grid and the panel.

Navigation panel

Player Profile Tournaments NavPanel

The Navigation panel of the Tournaments consists of five parts: Player, Tournaments, Tournament Filter, Quick Links and Tools.
Each part may be hidden, more that you may hide the Navigation panel at all by the left-clicking on the splitter that differs the Navigation panel and the Main area.


Here is a reduced player photo.


This section links allows you to receive an additional information about the selected tournament.

Tournament Profile
This link opens the Tournament Profile window.

Show Tournament Winner's Profile
If the profile you open isn't the winner's of the tournament one there appears a link to the winner's profile.

Show Player Profile
If the profile you open isn't the winner's of the tournament one there appears a link to the profile of the player whom he lost to.

If the player whose profile you see is the winner of the chosen tournament, this section has only one link.

If the selected tournament is a team tournament (e.g. Davis Cup or ATP World Team Cup) this part of the Navigation Panel is hidden.

Tournament Filter  

The Tournament Filter tab allows you to filter tournaments where the player participanted. The Tournament List can be filtered by the following parameters:


Filters data by year of the tournament.


Filters data by tournament e.g. US Open, Wimbledon, etc.


Filters data by tournament series e.g. Grand Slam, Masters / Tier I Series, International Series, etc.


Hard, Clay, Grass or Carpet.


Filters data by country of the tournament.


Filters data by rounds reached.

Lost To

Filters data by players whom the player lost.


Filters data by tournament winner.


Filters data by tournament start date.

ATP / WTA Race Points

Filters data by ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race points.

ATP / WTA ER Points

Filters data by ATP / WTA Entry Ranking points.

Prize Money
Filters data by prize money.

Seed / EC
Filters data by seed number and acceptance type.

Quick Links  

The Quick Links section of the Navigation panel is used to filtrate the list of the tournaments the player participated in by the most frequently applied ways.

Grand Slam Results

If the filter is applied, the table presents only the Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open) in which the player took part during his professional career.

Tennis Masters Series / Tier I

Filters tournaments of Tennis Masters Series / Tier I only.

Best Results

Filters only tournaments where the player reached his best results

Individual Results

Filters only non-team tournaments e.g. all the tournaments except the Davis Cup and ATP World Team Cup.

This Year Results

Filters only this year tournaments.

10 Latest Results
Filters last 10 tournaments where the player participated in.

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