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Player Profile
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The Player profile window provides you with almost all possible information about ATP / WTA players during their professional career.

Player Profile Window

Window main area consists of seven parts which are situated on different pages. The Common Info page contains general information about personal data of the player, number of reached matches and tournaments and his earned money amount. The Tournaments page informs about all tournaments the player participated in. All matches of these tournaments are presented at the Matches page with the corresponding statistic situated at the Statistics page.

Positions of the player in ATP / WTA Race and ATP / WTA Entry Ranking with a detailed breakdown of earned points are located accordingly. Player advances on ATP / WTA tournaments are depicted as diagrams at the Charts page.

You may choose the player from the Select Players window, which can be invoked by the Select Button button on the top of the window, or from the drop-down list with 20 last players whom information were asked about.

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