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Program Overview
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Tennis Navigator is a unique program, a perfect guide through the world of tennis. By this program you will always be informed about all the tennis events, efficiently get to know the latest matches results, be able to see the results of the majority of the tennis tournaments, beginning from 1980 year for men and from 1995 year for women, and study a circumstantial information about the most famous tennis players. The database contains a detailed and useful information about tournaments, matches and players; a user friendly interface fastens the search of the necessary data; the on-the-fly database Internet updating enables to be always posted on all the latest events, taking place on the courts - by all these the software becomes both an irreplaceable tool for a professional sports reporter and an excellent present to all the fans of this exciting sport.

The major program performance capabilities

database of the tournaments results and players, beginning from 1980 year for men and from 1995 year for women.  
on-the-fly internet updating of the results.  
extensive statistics of the matches and sets of the Grand Slam's tournaments.  
review of the ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race state at any date taking into account not finished yet tournaments.  
review of the ATP / WTA Entry Ranking players' state at any date, beginning from the 1st of January, 1986 year for men and 2004 year for women.  
possibility to backtrace the player's progress since the beginning of the professional career till present.  
review of the two players' head to head history.  
arranging the own teams and comparison of the head to head matches results.  
getting a detailed statistics about a player (tournaments, matches, tie-breaks, ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race, ATP / WTA Entry Ranking, etc.)  
matches search with a flexible system of conditions  
comprehensive database of professional players, containing common information as well as statistics of tournaments, matches, ATP / WTA Race results.  
detailed information about tournaments: history of conducting, matches, draws, statistics.  
search of the players by different parameters: alphabetically, by countries, by number of ATP / WTA Race and ATP / WTA Entry Ranking points at any moment.  
familiarization with the tennis world by the random choice of players and tournaments.  
by database filtration and grouping it's possible to arrange a received information in the most convenient view.  
by intuitively comprehensive navigation within the program the search of necessary data becomes fast and easy.  
export of the statistic data and diagrams to Excel.  
revision of the tournament draws in HTML and PDF formats.  
and many-many other things.  

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