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Main Toolbar
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The toolbar serves for the software basic windows fast-calling and for executing frequently repeated actions, e.g. switching between the Find players and the Database updating windows.

To work with the panel is as easy as ABC: click any button and the appropriate window is opened or the action, for which the button serves, is done. By some of the buttons there are arrows Tool Bar - Arrow, use them to call in the button menu allowing to switch to a particular bookmark of the window (e.g. if you choose the Winners by Countries item in the Tournaments button menu, the Winners by Countries bookmark of the Tournaments window appears). It's convenient for getting the information quickly without unnecessary data processing, required when opening the window at page by default.

   Toolbar components

Tool Bar - Tournaments
This button opens the Tournaments window. By clicking the arrow in the button appears the drop-down button menu:

Tournament Calendar. Select this item to get to the Calendar bookmark of the Tournaments window (this bookmark opens by default), where the current and previous years tournaments calendar can be seen.  

Winners by Countries. By this item you can get to the Winners by Countries bookmark of the Tournaments window, where the tournaments winners are distributed by countries.  

Tournament Name (Tournament Type, Surface). This item leads you to the current tournament profile (here some items are possible, if some tournaments are held simultaneously). The information about the current tournament is shown here.  

Tool Bar - Find Player
This button opens the Select Player window. The following items are included into the drop-down button menu:

Find Player. By this item the Select Player window is opened. This window allows you to find players in the database.  

Player List. This item opens the Player List window. The Player List window contains a list of players that are in our database. Here you can find the general information about players, such as country, birth date, year when the player turned pro, player weight, player height, number of tournaments won, number of matches won and lost, and claimed prize money.  

Tool Bar - ATP Champions Race
Tool Bar - WTA Porsche Race
This button opens the ATP / WTA Race window. The following items are included into the drop-down button menu:

ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race. By choosing this item you go to the Rank bookmark of the ATP / WTA Race window (this bookmark is set by default), where the players' earned points in the ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race can be seen.  

ATP / WTA Race Changes. By this item the ATP / WTA Race window is opened at the Changes page, where the players' position changes in ranking are shown.  

ATP / WTA Race Players by Countries. Select this item to see the By Countries page of the ATP / WTA Race window, where you can view the players' location in ATP / WTA ranking by countries and to get the list of prospective countries-participants of the next year World Team Cup (only for men).  

Tool Bar - Head to Head

This button opens the Head to Head window. It displays the information about the players' head to heads as well as the statistics of the matches they played.

Tool Bar - Team to Team

This button opens the Team to Team window. It allows to compare some players at a time and to pick teams on your own or by Team to Team Wizard.

Tool Bar - Latest Results

Click this button to get to the Latest Results window, where the latest matches results are represented and the nearest forthcoming games are listed.

Tool Bar - Summary Table

This button opens the Summary Table window. It displays the statistics of players, tournaments they played, matches, tie-breaks, earned points etc.

Tool Bar - Find Matches

By this button opens the Find Matches window, designed for search of data about matches, played by certain players, on different types of surface, in particular years etc.

Tool Bar - Database Updating

This button activates the tournaments results database updating. Get a more detailed information about the database updating here.

Tool Bar - Previous Window

By this button you can switch to the previous window of the program.

Tool Bar - Next Window
This button opens the next window of the program.

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