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Main Menu
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The program main menu allows to open all the other windows of the program, switch between them and to control their location at the screen.

Main Menu


By the File menu you can call in the windows for the whole program general use, e.g. the window with settings or database updating.

Main Menu - File

Update Database
This item starts the database updating. Get a more detailed information about the database updating here.

This item opens the program settings window, where the program general parameters and behavior of some certain tools can be adjusted.

Color Scheme

This submenu serves to change the program external form (appearance, view) to your taste. You may use either one of 5 predetermined color schemes: Standard (Default), Roland Garros, US Open, Australian Open è Wimbledon or create your own one by the Custom item.

Database Statistics
This item opens the database statistics window, where our database general statistics, which is located on your computer, can be viewed (number of players, tournaments, sets etc.).

This item finishes the work with the program.


By the Player menu items you can open the windows, containing the information about players and teams such as Player List, Select Players, Head to Head etc.

Main Menu - Player

Player List
This item opens the player list window, where you can view some general information about players as well as get access to the players' profiles and to their personal internet sites.

Find Player
This item opens the Select Players window, where you can find a player by name, alphabet, country, ATP / WTA ranking or choose the player from the list.

Head to Head
This button opens the Head to Head window. It displays the information about the players' head to heads as well as the statistics of the matches they played.

Team to Team
This item opens the Team to Team window. It allows to compare some players at a time and to pick teams on your own or by Team to Team Wizard.

Random Player

Select this item to get to the Profile window of a random player. It may help in a gradual acquaintance with the information about professional tennis players.


By the Tournament menu you can open various windows, displaying information about tournaments and their results.

Main Menu - Tournament

Latest Results
This item opens the Latest Results window, where the results of current and recently finished matches are shown.

Tournament Calendar

This item opens the Calendar bookmark of the Tournaments window, where the tournaments calendar of the current and previous years is displayed.

Winners by Countries

This item opens the Winners by Countries bookmark of the Tournaments window. It represents the diagram of tournaments winners' distribution by countries.

Tournaments in Progress

This submenu leads directly to the profiles of the current tournaments.

Random Tournament

Select this item to get to the profile of a random tournament. It may help in a gradual acquaintance with the big tournaments, which are held each year in the tennis world.


Use the Rankings/Stats menu to view various statistics, such as ATP / WTA Race statistics or Summary Table and so on.

Main Menu - Rankings

ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race

This item opens the ATP / WTA Race window, where the players' ATP / WTA ranking for the current moment can be seen. The software counts ranking after each match, therefore there are only points of the finished matches displayed, though the current tournament is not over.

ATP / WTA Entry Ranking

This item calls in the ATP / WTA Entry Ranking window, displaying the points earned by players per 52 latest weeks. Ranking can be counted at any period, beginning from January. 1st. 1986 for men and 2004 for women.

Summary Table

Select this item to get to the Summary Table window. It represents the summary information about players, matches and tie-breaks they played, points they earned.

Find Matches

This item opens the Find Matches window, where you can search for matches by different parameters: by players, tournaments, types of surface etc.


The Windows menu contains items responsible for the software windows control.

Main Menu - Window


This items orders windows as a cascade.

Tile Horizontal

This item orders windows as a horizontal tile.

Tile Vertical

This item orders windows as a vertical tile.

Minimize All

This item minimizes all the windows of the product.

Close All

This item closes all active windows except the main one.

Previous Window

This item activates the window previous in the queue.

Next Window
This item activates the window next in the queue.

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