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Main Window
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Start work with the Tennis Navigator program in the main window, which includes and enables all the other windows.

To work with the main window is easy and intuitively comprehensive. After you click a button at the toolbar or select an item in the menu either one or another tool is enabled. Besides, from the main window the location of the rest ones can be controlled. For example, to see the latest matches results open the Latest Results window. The two ways are possible here:

to click the Latest Results button at the toolbar of the main window.  
to select the Latest Results item in the Tournament menu of the main window.  

Execution of any of these actions opens or activates (if opened) the Latest Results window. By default this window opens when starting the program.

To switch between the windows use the Next Window and Previous Window buttons at the toolbar or appropriate items in the main window
Windows menu. By the other Windows menu items you can change location of windows within the main one or switch to the window you need directly etc. Get a more detailed information in the Main Menu items description (in the description of items of Main Menu).

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