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Main Area
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The main area of the Latest Results window displays tournaments and matches that have been played recently or will be played in the near future. Matches are displayed in the form of a tree. Each node of the tree contains a table with rounds of the tournament. Each round is divided into four columns - match date, players (winner and loser), and the score of the match.

If the match is not played yet, the date and the score values are not set. If the match is played, the left column displays match date, the next one displays the winner's name. Third column displays the match score by sets, and the fourth one displays the loser's name.

To quickly access the player profile, the tournament profile, or head to head of two players, use the Ctrl key. Drag mouse on the player's name, hold Ctrl and click the player's name. This will open the player's profile. By holding Ctrl and clicking the tournament name you can access the tournament profile. To view head to head records of two players, click the match score holding Ctrl. The Head to Head window will appear and display the information you need. You can also view all matches of the selected round by clicking it with the Ctrl key held. This will open the Matches tab of the Tournament Profile window where you can view all matches of the selected round.

Drop-down menu of the main area allows you to access most of functions available from the navigation panel. To call the menu, right-click the cell of the table.

Tournament Profile

Opens profile of the selected tournament.

Show Player Profile

Opens profile of the selected player.

Player1 vs. Player2

Opens the Head to Head window where you can compare two players among each other.

Highlight Players

Allows you to highlight players in the table.

Clear Highlighting

Drops highlighting.

Export to Excel

Saves the match list as an Excel document.

Sort by Draw Order

Orders matches by its position in the tournament draw.

Sort by Name

Orders matches by the player name. Matches are sorted by values in the column where the drop-down menu is called.

Expand All Nodes

Expands all nodes of the tree.

Collapse All Nodes
Collapses all nodes of the tree.

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