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Main Area
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The main area of the Head to Head window contains three panels - General Information, Head to Head Details, and Statistics.

The General Information panel displays player pictures (if ones are in our database), flags of players' countries, and a table containing a summary information about players. By clicking the player's picture you can access the player's profile. Drop-down lists below pictures display previously viewed players. To change a player just select one from the list or click the Select Button button and select the player in the dialog window.

The Head to Head Details panel displays a table containing all matches played by the selected players. By default the matches list is ordered by date. To sort matches by a column, click the column header. The second click reverses the sorting order.

To quickly access profiles of players or view their head to head records you can use the Ctrl key. To open the player profile, hold the Ctrl key and click the player name in the table. To view the tournament profile, click the tournament title holding the Ctrl key. By clicking the round title with the Ctrl key held you can open the Matches tab of the Tournament Profile and view matches of the selected round.

The Statistics panel displays the summary information about played sets, games, and tie breaks. This information is displayed considering the applied filter.

The drop-down menu allows you to quickly access the most of tools available from the navigation panel. The menu appears after right-clicking in the table.

Tournament Profile

Opens profile of the tournament that the match belongs to.

Show Round Details

Opens the Matches tab of the tournament that the match belongs to. Matches are grouped by round. Active round corresponds to the selected match.

Show Player Profile

Opens profile of the selected player.

Export to Excel
Exports data to an Excel document.

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