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Main Area
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The main area of the Find Matches window displays found matches. You can define searching criteria using options on the Search Criteria tab of the navigation panel.

There are two modes of search results display - Single Mode and Table Mode. If the Single Mode is selected, all matches are displayed in separate tables, with tournament name, surface, round, competitor names, and score. In the Single Mode you can view match statistics of Grand Slam matches by clicking the Match Stats button. The statistics is available of the whole match and of each its set.

If the table mode is selected, you can view all found matches as a single table containing seven columns:

Tournament - name of the tournament the match belongs to;  
Surface - court surface type;  
Round - round the match belongs to;  
Winner - match winner name;  
Score - match score;  
Loser - match loser name;  
Completed - this option indicates if the match is played completely.  

In the Table mode you can sort and group matches by values in the columns.

Sorting Data  

To sort data in the table by values in a column, click the column header. The arrow displaying the sorting order appears in the column header. If there is no ability to set the sorting order in the column, the arrow does not appear. By the second click you can reverse the sorting order.

Grouping Data  

To group data by values in a column drag the column header to the panel located above the table. The data is automatically grouped by values in the selected column. To group data by values in two columns drag the second column header to the panel. Grouping order may be changed as you need by ordering column headers on the panel. You can group data by any number of columns.

The drop-down menu of the main area allows you to quickly access more detailed information about the tournament that the match belongs to, match competitors, and their head to head records.

Tournament Profile

Opens profile of the tournament the match belongs to.

Show Player Profile

Opens profile of the selected player.

Player1 vs. Player2

Opens the Head to Head window where you can compare two players among each other.

Switch to Single/Table Mode

Switches from Single Mode to Table Mode and vice versa.

Expand All

Expands all nodes of the matches tree if matches are grouped by any column. This item is available only in the Table Mode.

Collapse All
Collapses all nodes of the matches tree if matches are grouped by any column. This item is available only in the Table Mode.

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