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What tournaments will start in the nearest time?
1.Open the Tournaments window.  
2.Mark the Not Started item on the Filter tab of the navigation panel.  
2.Filter tournament winners by selecting the <Not Started> item in the drop-down list of the Winner column header.  

How did semi-finals of Roland Garros 2002 go off?
1.   Open the Tournaments window.
2.   Filter tournaments by year using the filtering options on the navigation panel.
3.   Search for Roland Garros in the list and double-click it or select it and click the Roland Garros 2002 Profile link on the navigation panel.
4.   Select the Matches tab of the opened Tournament Profile window.
5.   Select the Semi-final tab in the left part of the window.

How many tournaments did players from Japan win?
1.   Open the Tournaments window.
2.   Select the Winners by Countries tab.
3.   Filter data in the table by the Japan value of the Country column. All tournaments won by players from Japan are displayed.

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