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ATP / WTA Race
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The ATP / WTA Race window displays the player's position in the ATP Champions Race / WTA Porsche Race ranking. There are shown points earned by players at any moment, beginning from January, 1st of 2000 year for men and from January, 1st of 2004 year for women. Besides you can backtrace the changes in players' ranking trough the time as well as view players from what countries are leaders in ranking.

ATP Race

The window has two parts: main area and navigation panel. In the main area all the main data of the window is presented in the form of tables, draws, diagrams. This field serves for viewing the information, which is gathered and filtrated in accordance with the parameters of filters, they can be set at Navigation Panel.

The destination of Navigation Panel is to filtrate data, to adjust data representation, to switch between the windows quickly as well as to call in the tools of table and diagram export to different document formats (Excel, HTML or PDF). The navigation panel can be minimized by the double click on the splitter of the window parts. The set of tools for each window is different and may differ from one bookmark of the window to another.

The main area of the ATP / WTA Race window has three bookmarks - Rank, Changes and By Countries. The Rank bookmark displays the ATP / WTA Race ranking at a definite moment (by default - at the current date). In the Changes bookmark changes of players' positions for the last week are shown. In the By Countries bookmark the diagram of leaders' distribution by countries can be viewed.

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